The folks that live over at the Trevor Haus are sadly about one day away from moving out, which means no more barn shows. I hate being the bearer of bad, bad news, so my plan was to chat about the final show there on Saturday.
Unfortunately, due to some band cancellations, that show was called off entirely. So the venue that entered the house show scene with a punch and a bang just kind of fizzled out Saturday.

Photo by Adam Fuller… please don’t be mad at me!

The good news is that if you were at Palo Verde Lounge Friday, then you still got to see them. Basically it was good old fashioned Cali punk rock in a sweaty little dive bar. Mix that with local riot grrrls, The Teeets, opening for them and you have one happy PBR-filled crowd.
Have I mentioned that The Teeets have won best local band by Valley House Show Revue? No? Well, that’s because I just made it up. But, seriously. I just can’t get enough of those spunky chicks.
But that’s all beside the point, Trevor Haus is no more, and it will certainly be missed by anyone who likes fun. Luckily, it seems when one house venue closes, another one will open shortly. The Manor and The ER have closed too, but the house show spirit lives on…

Coming this X-mas: The Triumphant Return of YOBS (24 days until their 90-day is ovah!)