Here are their addresses:

519 W. 19th St. Tempe, AZ 85282

The Tribe
2238 N 24th St. Phoenix, AZ 85008

Sound Kontrol
25th Street and Chambers in Phoenix

Xna Shop
305 S. Roosevelt Tempe, AZ 85281

Freedom House
1328 W. 6th St. Tempe, AZ 85281

1372 W. 14th St. Tempe, AZ 85281

Judy (not pictured)
10th St. and Pierce in Phoenix



Down on the corner of 10th Street and Wilson, the open mic night spirit has been revived at Joe’s Place. Since eJoy is seemingly no longer in the open mic biz (or any biz for that matter), there really hasn’t been a NorTemp venue to step up and fill the void of open-miclessness, so it’s exciting to see community members work to create a space where people can share what they wish in a positive environment.

Last night was only the second installment for the house, but both events were really unique, bringing diverse acts such as musicians, poets, readers, writers, performance artists, and more. Next time around election day will be a big focus of the night, where some speakers will be discussing political issues for 2010. This diversity is encouraged by the occupants, Joe Frungillo, who use their home as a multi-purpose venue as a sustainable city garden, open mic venue, and I hear they’re thinking of starting a backyard movie night in the near future.


Now I must say, I am not a stage-ready personality. I get nervous speaking to groups of over three people. But even I read a little poetry and sang a song (not pictured) in front of the courteous and supportive crowd gathered last night. (Though the complimentary whiskey didn’t hurt either.)


The moral of the story: don’t be shy. If you have something to share, be it a book from your messed up childhood, a jingle you wrote, or an essay you spent hours toiling over that you’re really proud of, come to Joe’s Place every third Wednesday of the month. That means next month’s event is on October 20 at about 8PM.

Why did Little Gold come in second in my book? Four words:
Yellow Canary Black Belt.
Though my bias may be sizable in that I love or at least like every member of the stunning new local quartet, go to one of their shows and judge for yourself. I can’t resist beautiful four-part harmonies, cello, or solid song writing… and why should I have to? Throw in a cover of “Zacharias” by local-legend-turned-San-Fransiscan Chris Corwin and an amazing zine-style program for their set, and it’s a recipe for my adoration.
Cellist Aaron Neber stepped out of the band and behind a screen for his solo performance:

Our Neighbor.
If you like video art, weird noises, giant light brights, and Mount Eerie-ish moody indie rock, you’d love Our Neighbor. The combination of several forms of art made for an interesting experience. Definitely a thinker. Most impressively, the music actually synced up pretty well to the video that played through the performance.
Out of the neighborhood and into New Orleans, we find the night’s third act:

Lovey Dovies.
Now I didn’t expect to give a bad review my fist go ’round, but what can I say? Lovey Dovies were the sort of dudes that I would’ve lovied if they were my best friend’s big brother’s band and I was 14, watching them in a garage. But I’m not, and they’re not. C’est la vie. Mostly, they were just sloppy performers. This was thanks, in large part, to the guitarist/singer’s obviously messed up guitar. Either it continually fell out of tune or he didn’t know how to tune it… and I would hate to assume the latter. A little professionalism at a house isn’t unheard of, dudes.
Anyways, lucky for attendees, things were about to pick back up with:

Little Gold.
By the looks of them, I was expecting a mellow jam band and I was pretty ready for a nap at 11:30 anyways. Instead, these New Yorkers were surprisingly rockin’. I quickly forgot about nap time and got excited. This is the kind of band that I would totally love if I was a college senior watching a show at my friends’ house and they were playing. And I am! It was a great end to an interesting night, and that’s what I love about house shows… I got four completely different concert experiences, some combining other art forms into their performances, for the price of a $5 donation.
Before I go, I wanted to mention that YOBS is having a benefit show on September 24. The venue needs a PA and they can’t keep borrowing them, so come, chip in, and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth.

go to this tomorrow night:

i’ll tell you about it wednesday!

Photo courtesy of Mister Michael Martinez, photog extraordinaire.

so, let me start off by saying, if you missed last night’s PROTOMEN show at the trunkspace, you’ve made a huge mistake. what part of 10-piece megaman-themed rock opera didn’t interest you? i mean, come on! what’s more endearing than a venue packed with nerds fist pumping? all joking aside, it was the very definition of epic… and i hate using that word in most cases because its overuse has kind of sucked away all of the word’s intensity. thanks, dude bros…

anyways, i am starting this little blog to fill a rather sizable gap in music coverage in arizona. even though houses can be recognized as their own category of venue (see: best of phoenix 2010- the tribe), they apparently shouldn’t get coverage (see: comments section for what he really thinks). i disagree. house shows provide a forum of intimate interaction with local bands, touring bands, and the show-goers that you just won’t find in a major venue. plus if the trunkspace, one of the last all ages vestiges of a less-than-500-person venue in town, is booked for that night, where else can a band go? the marquee? HA. me thinks, no… all of that drama aside, i am very excited to get the word out there as best i can, and i have even lined up a couple guest reviewers that write like angels sing.

my first official review-style post will be up wednesday. i’ll check out a show at YOBS tuesday night, show you some pretty pictures (that i’ll actually take this time), and then tell you how it all went. i’m pretty jazzed to see stephen steinbrink (see: french quarter) and allison karow’s (see: the teeets and also the love of my life) new side project. i spoke to the both of them last night and they described their just-found sound as beautiful… sounds lovely.

catch ya then.