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New Update: The Teeets have been added to tonight’s show! YAY!
Get pumped and get over there! The show that has tested my reaction time and typing skills starts in half an hour.

I just wanted to make a quick update before the show actually starts.
Unfortunately, it seems that Sissy Fits can’t play at YOBS tonight anymore. According to resident YOBber J.R., “3 out of the 4 shows on their tour fell thru and i don’t expect them to drive from SF—>TMPE for a single YOBS show. they will be missed :'((((((”
But Key Losers, Præcum (a band that forced me to find the æ option on my keyboard), and French Quarter are all still playing. Maybe, just maybe, if we’re lucky, that super secret out-of-town act will play too!
Anyways, that’s all for now, so get over to YOBS for a great five skrilla bill.

Over and out!!


So recently I have been a less than faithful representative for the house show scene… Sorry ’bout that. But, on the bright side, I have a lot to let you know now to compensate my absence.
Last I posted, Trevor Haus ended it’s reign as the king of all scuzzy dance parties and punk shows. Sadly, I announce that XNA Shop recently closed its doors to shows as well due to owner Anna Nasty’s prospects abroad. We wish her good luck, but turn our sights back to old friends to pick up the torch.
That’s right, dear readers, YOBS IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! And with that, I present a list of upcoming house shows sure to quench your insatiable music lust:

January 14:

Like Bats, Parkway Wretch, Bear Awesome, Might’ve Beens & COMEONDIEYOUNG
@ Sound Kontrol
$5/ 7 PM

January 18:

@ YOBS (first show post-90 noise violation)
$5/ 8 PM
*Rumor ’round town is that a very special super secret out-of-town act will be playing this show… but that’s all I can say.

January 19:
Open Mic Night featuring local artists like Michael Plunkett & the Girl Parts
@ Drew & Joe’s Place
FREE/ 8:30 PM

January 23:

Give, Devotion, Never Meant & Rising Tide
@ Sound Kontrol

While the next four events aren’t house shows, I do want to mention them due to their importance to the music community and the Tempe community as a whole. Check this shit out:

January 21:
The Shape of the Universe: An Art Show
@ The Trunk Space
If you like The Teeets, Yellow Canary Black Belt, or Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective, come see what else renaissance woman extraordinaire Sunny can do.

Since I consider the wonderfully skeezy, yet tragically hip, dive bars of Tempe to be a second home to my own antics, as I’m sure many others do, I implore you to attend at least on of the Sunset Showdown 3 concerts:

January 21:

DJ’s T.Murder & Horsepussy, Ultramaroon, Shark Pants (best band name EVER), Stalins of Sounf, Plainfield Butchers & Scorpion vs. Tarantula
@ Palo Verde Lounge

January 22:

DJ Ryan Wong, Sexual Slurs, Cosmeticators, Robot Tank, Female Trouble & The Pods
@ Hollywood Alley
$3/ 2 PM

January 22:

DJ’S T.Murder & Horsepussy, Drone Throne, Avon Ladies, A’rk, Becky Lee Band & Destruction Unit
@ Yucca Tap Room

That’s all for January. Hopefully I can make my way out to some of these badass upcoming events and let you all know what went down, but if not, go see for yourself. Otherwise you can’t complain about the scene sucking because you spent $25 on a Girl Talk show at the Marquee (not that it won’t be fun), instead of supporting local art and struggling touring acts… And that’s my rant for January, too. Hope you enjoyed it!

Catch you later, music junkies.


So now that the initial shock of the events of Friday night has gone away a bit, I think I’m ready to talk about the good news and the bad news of the YOBS Locals Only Benefit Show.

The Good News:
The show was amazing, as were the iced toddys and vegan baked goods. (More like baked greats!) Everyone seemed to have a really awesome time and the local bands gave everyone a reason to be proud of the Valley.

The Bad News:
Someone decided to steal a large wad of money out of the donation jar.

The Good News:
Smart cash handlers at the event had been storing money throughout the night so not all the money was taken, and after some of the money was stolen, a bunch of people chipped in extra cash, even some who had already donated a substantial amount earlier. Overall, YOBS raised enough money to get the PA!

The Bad News:
The Tempe five-oh were either called or more likely patrolling the neighborhood for parties, and the YOBS house got a 90-day suspension. So no shows at YOBS for three months… Hopefully some other houses can fill in where YOBS can’t for the next few months.

The Good News:
Another locals only show with a low key BBQ cookout is already being planned for the eminent triumphant return of YOBS, and I will definitely keep you guys posted on that event once I get the specifics.

I guess every shit storm cloud has a silver lining, but I know I’ll be missing YOBS until there are some more shows there. While it was ridiculously lame of someone to steal money from a benefit show, what hurts the most is the fractured trust and feelings of disrespect that it brought to people who allowed others into their home to enjoy a concert. This, of course, won’t stop the wonderful folks who put on YOBS shows, but it will be a while until we can go there again.

Does the fact that house shows can get shut down by the cops for a noise violation make them less legitimate as venues?


In case you don’t have the cash flow or interest in the Pixies show at Mesa Amp on Friday, try out the YOBS Locals Only Benefit Show. For a mere $5, you see a bunch of really solid local acts, have access to the newest espresso bar/baked goods/”records & junk” spot, AND can be a part of a screen printing demo. Now that’s what I call DIY.
All of the proceeds of the show, bake sale, espresso bar, and merch booth go to helping YOBS get a desperately needed PA, which will help YOBS continue to have great shows and thus help you to continue to see great shows. Win, win, win.
Yellow Canary Black Belt, whom I gushed over in an earlier post, local darling Chazmier, and new d00dz Gay Kiss are just some of the great bands playing to help support a venue that has fostered a safe haven for the Tempe music scene for years. The seven hour show starts at 5 PM and ends at midnight, so come early and stay late.

Why did Little Gold come in second in my book? Four words:
Yellow Canary Black Belt.
Though my bias may be sizable in that I love or at least like every member of the stunning new local quartet, go to one of their shows and judge for yourself. I can’t resist beautiful four-part harmonies, cello, or solid song writing… and why should I have to? Throw in a cover of “Zacharias” by local-legend-turned-San-Fransiscan Chris Corwin and an amazing zine-style program for their set, and it’s a recipe for my adoration.
Cellist Aaron Neber stepped out of the band and behind a screen for his solo performance:

Our Neighbor.
If you like video art, weird noises, giant light brights, and Mount Eerie-ish moody indie rock, you’d love Our Neighbor. The combination of several forms of art made for an interesting experience. Definitely a thinker. Most impressively, the music actually synced up pretty well to the video that played through the performance.
Out of the neighborhood and into New Orleans, we find the night’s third act:

Lovey Dovies.
Now I didn’t expect to give a bad review my fist go ’round, but what can I say? Lovey Dovies were the sort of dudes that I would’ve lovied if they were my best friend’s big brother’s band and I was 14, watching them in a garage. But I’m not, and they’re not. C’est la vie. Mostly, they were just sloppy performers. This was thanks, in large part, to the guitarist/singer’s obviously messed up guitar. Either it continually fell out of tune or he didn’t know how to tune it… and I would hate to assume the latter. A little professionalism at a house isn’t unheard of, dudes.
Anyways, lucky for attendees, things were about to pick back up with:

Little Gold.
By the looks of them, I was expecting a mellow jam band and I was pretty ready for a nap at 11:30 anyways. Instead, these New Yorkers were surprisingly rockin’. I quickly forgot about nap time and got excited. This is the kind of band that I would totally love if I was a college senior watching a show at my friends’ house and they were playing. And I am! It was a great end to an interesting night, and that’s what I love about house shows… I got four completely different concert experiences, some combining other art forms into their performances, for the price of a $5 donation.
Before I go, I wanted to mention that YOBS is having a benefit show on September 24. The venue needs a PA and they can’t keep borrowing them, so come, chip in, and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth.