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After last week’s Open Mic Night at Drew & Joe’s, that question was left burning in my mind. Maybe not just poets, but any non-musical art.
Don’t get me wrong, I love music, especially in its formative stages… But an Open Mic comprised of only musical acts is hard to get through, no matter how fun and entertaining the musicians are. Not to mention it pretty much just ends up being a Tempe Unplugged concert event.
Remember when Eric brought out our innermost aggressions with a performance piece that involved chucking tomatoes at him whilst he was clad in all white? Remember when Tracy read quirky politically correct fairytales out of the book her mother taught her the classics from? Remember all the other readings and personal poetry shared in the past five months?
Even if you don’t remember, it sounds like fun, right? Right.
Tempe: Show me your performance artists, your poets, and your raving, ranting speeches. I’ll show you my smile and clap politely, even if it totally sucks.

In case you were wondering though, one musician I think passes as a poet is Key Losers, aka Katy Davidson aka Dear Nora. Her set at the YOBS welcome back show was fantastic. Sort of a mid-90’s strong female soloist a la Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco but more abstract and a lot less preachy. Get her tape “ADJUST.”

Other than that, I have to admit my own error in an earlier post where I said XNA Shop was donezo. (I really did think Miss Nasty was in London for good.) Truth is, there is one last show there and it’s on Sunday. My bad is your good. Go to it. Strainz, Chandails, Stephen Steinbrink, Doth, and Soam are all playing starting at 1PM. See some jams, say bye to XNA Shop properly, and partake in some Vegan Taco’s courtesy of Anna Nasty, as well as coffee and “stick n’ poke” tattoos… if you dare.



So recently I have been a less than faithful representative for the house show scene… Sorry ’bout that. But, on the bright side, I have a lot to let you know now to compensate my absence.
Last I posted, Trevor Haus ended it’s reign as the king of all scuzzy dance parties and punk shows. Sadly, I announce that XNA Shop recently closed its doors to shows as well due to owner Anna Nasty’s prospects abroad. We wish her good luck, but turn our sights back to old friends to pick up the torch.
That’s right, dear readers, YOBS IS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE! And with that, I present a list of upcoming house shows sure to quench your insatiable music lust:

January 14:

Like Bats, Parkway Wretch, Bear Awesome, Might’ve Beens & COMEONDIEYOUNG
@ Sound Kontrol
$5/ 7 PM

January 18:

@ YOBS (first show post-90 noise violation)
$5/ 8 PM
*Rumor ’round town is that a very special super secret out-of-town act will be playing this show… but that’s all I can say.

January 19:
Open Mic Night featuring local artists like Michael Plunkett & the Girl Parts
@ Drew & Joe’s Place
FREE/ 8:30 PM

January 23:

Give, Devotion, Never Meant & Rising Tide
@ Sound Kontrol

While the next four events aren’t house shows, I do want to mention them due to their importance to the music community and the Tempe community as a whole. Check this shit out:

January 21:
The Shape of the Universe: An Art Show
@ The Trunk Space
If you like The Teeets, Yellow Canary Black Belt, or Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective, come see what else renaissance woman extraordinaire Sunny can do.

Since I consider the wonderfully skeezy, yet tragically hip, dive bars of Tempe to be a second home to my own antics, as I’m sure many others do, I implore you to attend at least on of the Sunset Showdown 3 concerts:

January 21:

DJ’s T.Murder & Horsepussy, Ultramaroon, Shark Pants (best band name EVER), Stalins of Sounf, Plainfield Butchers & Scorpion vs. Tarantula
@ Palo Verde Lounge

January 22:

DJ Ryan Wong, Sexual Slurs, Cosmeticators, Robot Tank, Female Trouble & The Pods
@ Hollywood Alley
$3/ 2 PM

January 22:

DJ’S T.Murder & Horsepussy, Drone Throne, Avon Ladies, A’rk, Becky Lee Band & Destruction Unit
@ Yucca Tap Room

That’s all for January. Hopefully I can make my way out to some of these badass upcoming events and let you all know what went down, but if not, go see for yourself. Otherwise you can’t complain about the scene sucking because you spent $25 on a Girl Talk show at the Marquee (not that it won’t be fun), instead of supporting local art and struggling touring acts… And that’s my rant for January, too. Hope you enjoyed it!

Catch you later, music junkies.

go to this tomorrow night:

i’ll tell you about it wednesday!

Photo courtesy of Mister Michael Martinez, photog extraordinaire.

so, let me start off by saying, if you missed last night’s PROTOMEN show at the trunkspace, you’ve made a huge mistake. what part of 10-piece megaman-themed rock opera didn’t interest you? i mean, come on! what’s more endearing than a venue packed with nerds fist pumping? all joking aside, it was the very definition of epic… and i hate using that word in most cases because its overuse has kind of sucked away all of the word’s intensity. thanks, dude bros…

anyways, i am starting this little blog to fill a rather sizable gap in music coverage in arizona. even though houses can be recognized as their own category of venue (see: best of phoenix 2010- the tribe), they apparently shouldn’t get coverage (see: comments section for what he really thinks). i disagree. house shows provide a forum of intimate interaction with local bands, touring bands, and the show-goers that you just won’t find in a major venue. plus if the trunkspace, one of the last all ages vestiges of a less-than-500-person venue in town, is booked for that night, where else can a band go? the marquee? HA. me thinks, no… all of that drama aside, i am very excited to get the word out there as best i can, and i have even lined up a couple guest reviewers that write like angels sing.

my first official review-style post will be up wednesday. i’ll check out a show at YOBS tuesday night, show you some pretty pictures (that i’ll actually take this time), and then tell you how it all went. i’m pretty jazzed to see stephen steinbrink (see: french quarter) and allison karow’s (see: the teeets and also the love of my life) new side project. i spoke to the both of them last night and they described their just-found sound as beautiful… sounds lovely.

catch ya then.