After last week’s Open Mic Night at Drew & Joe’s, that question was left burning in my mind. Maybe not just poets, but any non-musical art.
Don’t get me wrong, I love music, especially in its formative stages… But an Open Mic comprised of only musical acts is hard to get through, no matter how fun and entertaining the musicians are. Not to mention it pretty much just ends up being a Tempe Unplugged concert event.
Remember when Eric brought out our innermost aggressions with a performance piece that involved chucking tomatoes at him whilst he was clad in all white? Remember when Tracy read quirky politically correct fairytales out of the book her mother taught her the classics from? Remember all the other readings and personal poetry shared in the past five months?
Even if you don’t remember, it sounds like fun, right? Right.
Tempe: Show me your performance artists, your poets, and your raving, ranting speeches. I’ll show you my smile and clap politely, even if it totally sucks.

In case you were wondering though, one musician I think passes as a poet is Key Losers, aka Katy Davidson aka Dear Nora. Her set at the YOBS welcome back show was fantastic. Sort of a mid-90’s strong female soloist a la Fiona Apple or Ani DiFranco but more abstract and a lot less preachy. Get her tape “ADJUST.”

Other than that, I have to admit my own error in an earlier post where I said XNA Shop was donezo. (I really did think Miss Nasty was in London for good.) Truth is, there is one last show there and it’s on Sunday. My bad is your good. Go to it. Strainz, Chandails, Stephen Steinbrink, Doth, and Soam are all playing starting at 1PM. See some jams, say bye to XNA Shop properly, and partake in some Vegan Taco’s courtesy of Anna Nasty, as well as coffee and “stick n’ poke” tattoos… if you dare.