Why did Little Gold come in second in my book? Four words:
Yellow Canary Black Belt.
Though my bias may be sizable in that I love or at least like every member of the stunning new local quartet, go to one of their shows and judge for yourself. I can’t resist beautiful four-part harmonies, cello, or solid song writing… and why should I have to? Throw in a cover of “Zacharias” by local-legend-turned-San-Fransiscan Chris Corwin and an amazing zine-style program for their set, and it’s a recipe for my adoration.
Cellist Aaron Neber stepped out of the band and behind a screen for his solo performance:

Our Neighbor.
If you like video art, weird noises, giant light brights, and Mount Eerie-ish moody indie rock, you’d love Our Neighbor. The combination of several forms of art made for an interesting experience. Definitely a thinker. Most impressively, the music actually synced up pretty well to the video that played through the performance.
Out of the neighborhood and into New Orleans, we find the night’s third act:

Lovey Dovies.
Now I didn’t expect to give a bad review my fist go ’round, but what can I say? Lovey Dovies were the sort of dudes that I would’ve lovied if they were my best friend’s big brother’s band and I was 14, watching them in a garage. But I’m not, and they’re not. C’est la vie. Mostly, they were just sloppy performers. This was thanks, in large part, to the guitarist/singer’s obviously messed up guitar. Either it continually fell out of tune or he didn’t know how to tune it… and I would hate to assume the latter. A little professionalism at a house isn’t unheard of, dudes.
Anyways, lucky for attendees, things were about to pick back up with:

Little Gold.
By the looks of them, I was expecting a mellow jam band and I was pretty ready for a nap at 11:30 anyways. Instead, these New Yorkers were surprisingly rockin’. I quickly forgot about nap time and got excited. This is the kind of band that I would totally love if I was a college senior watching a show at my friends’ house and they were playing. And I am! It was a great end to an interesting night, and that’s what I love about house shows… I got four completely different concert experiences, some combining other art forms into their performances, for the price of a $5 donation.
Before I go, I wanted to mention that YOBS is having a benefit show on September 24. The venue needs a PA and they can’t keep borrowing them, so come, chip in, and I’m sure you’ll get your money’s worth.