Photo courtesy of Mister Michael Martinez, photog extraordinaire.

so, let me start off by saying, if you missed last night’s PROTOMEN show at the trunkspace, you’ve made a huge mistake. what part of 10-piece megaman-themed rock opera didn’t interest you? i mean, come on! what’s more endearing than a venue packed with nerds fist pumping? all joking aside, it was the very definition of epic… and i hate using that word in most cases because its overuse has kind of sucked away all of the word’s intensity. thanks, dude bros…

anyways, i am starting this little blog to fill a rather sizable gap in music coverage in arizona. even though houses can be recognized as their own category of venue (see: best of phoenix 2010- the tribe), they apparently shouldn’t get coverage (see: comments section for what he really thinks). i disagree. house shows provide a forum of intimate interaction with local bands, touring bands, and the show-goers that you just won’t find in a major venue. plus if the trunkspace, one of the last all ages vestiges of a less-than-500-person venue in town, is booked for that night, where else can a band go? the marquee? HA. me thinks, no… all of that drama aside, i am very excited to get the word out there as best i can, and i have even lined up a couple guest reviewers that write like angels sing.

my first official review-style post will be up wednesday. i’ll check out a show at YOBS tuesday night, show you some pretty pictures (that i’ll actually take this time), and then tell you how it all went. i’m pretty jazzed to see stephen steinbrink (see: french quarter) and allison karow’s (see: the teeets and also the love of my life) new side project. i spoke to the both of them last night and they described their just-found sound as beautiful… sounds lovely.

catch ya then.